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Alyssa Votto

Alyssa is a constant writer, creative thinker, and inbound marketing enthusiast. With experience writing for local and national blogs and various media outlets, she has developed a skill for writing a myriad of content, both technical and creative. Alyssa loves spending time outside, coffee, sending obnoxious SnapChats, traveling, and staring at other people’s dogs.

Favorite Catchphrase: WAIT. STOP. NO. GUYS. DYING.

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what we learned: the grammy awards

Hello from the other side…who tuned into the 59th annual airing of the Grammy Awards this year? (Congrats, Adele!). While watching, we couldn’t help but compare the infamous award show to marketing (most likely because we’re obsessed with marketing). We noticed quite a few similarities between certain strategies our favorite artists used that night that … Read More