web development

We believe it is important for a website to produce results, not just serve as eye candy. We create high-performance web solutions – from product-driven ecommerce websites to inbound marketing engines with content-rich blogs. We have worked with businesses that want to showcase their expertise with a brochure site, B2B websites designed to deliver information, and consumer brands that want to focus on their innovation and brand story.

We have experience working with a wide variety of content management systems (CMS) but prefer working with the best – WordPress and Shopify. That said, our development team has worked within a wide spectrum of existing platforms, and are always ready to embrace new technologies.

We utilize the latest in web technologies to develop interactive applications with a mobile-first approach. This drives results for our clients through a prioritized user experience in a way that brings brands to life.

case study: soapwalla

Soapwalla amassed a loyal customer base with their high quality, natural skin care products, but needed a high functioning website to keep up with sales. They partnered with CatchFire to create a responsive website that was easy to use and reflected the aesthetic of their brand.

big ideas

what we learned: the grammy awards

Hello from the other side…who tuned into the 59th annual airing of the Grammy Awards this year? (Congrats, Adele!). While watching, we couldn’t help but compare the infamous award show to marketing (most likely because we’re obsessed with marketing). We noticed quite a few similarities between certain strategies our favorite artists used that night that … Read More