research + discovery

We believe one of the most common marketing mistakes is starting at the wrong place. Without meaningful research and discovery, it is impossible to accurately assess the needs and objectives of your organization or campaign.

We walk with our clients through a thorough process of discovery. We conduct a detailed competitive analysis, assess current market trends, and conduct internal organization audits in a way that best positions our partners for success. Whether you are establishing a new brand, want to segment and target your audience, or launch a comprehensive marketing campaign, make sure you are starting from the right place.

case study: ask the question

CatchFire partnered with Easter Seals New Hampshire and the State of New Hampshire to inspire and empower providers across multiple sectors to better serve New Hampshire veterans by asking the question, “Have you or a family member ever served in the military?”

big ideas

what we learned: the grammy awards

Hello from the other side…who tuned into the 59th annual airing of the Grammy Awards this year? (Congrats, Adele!). While watching, we couldn’t help but compare the infamous award show to marketing (most likely because we’re obsessed with marketing). We noticed quite a few similarities between certain strategies our favorite artists used that night that … Read More