social media

The question is no longer “should we be on social media?” You are already on it. Your clients and customers have already taken to their social channels to profess their love or frustration with you. You may not even know it yet.

Then what is the question? The question is “how can I best engage our audience through social media?” We help our clients answer that question by identifying the right social channels, posting strategy and frequency, creative approach, and much more. While sometimes we build a strategy for our clients, we often help by managing their channels, creating posts, and responding to questions. Basically, if you have a social media challenge, we have the answer.

case study: pacific rim

With the popularity of Riesling on the rise, Pacific Rim wanted to build, inspire, and empower their loyal following to share the wine they love so much. We partnered with them to create an impactful social strategy and to handle the daily management of a number of social channels.

big ideas

what we learned: the grammy awards

Hello from the other side…who tuned into the 59th annual airing of the Grammy Awards this year? (Congrats, Adele!). While watching, we couldn’t help but compare the infamous award show to marketing (most likely because we’re obsessed with marketing). We noticed quite a few similarities between certain strategies our favorite artists used that night that … Read More